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Monday, 16 November 2009
By Sonia
I’ve spent so freakin’ much time on that stupid assignment and the grade totally confirms that Prof Valpey doesn’t like me.

Anyway, what I’m writing sort of proves why Bollywood is so fascinating to me. Things/people can succeed for very crazy reasons.

Emran Hashmi! I really like the songs from the film Janaat. I quite like the female lead Sonal Chauhan. She’s beautiful. But when I first watched the video, I was like “how come that guy can be a hero?” Well, we do know that sometimes the heroes in the Bollywood world may not score very high in the look department. But when I discovered that Emran Hashmi has been the lead for quite many movies on Indian TV, I became more and more curious. Recently, his new movie Tum Mile has caught my attention with nice songs. I went through the music review. (In case you’re new to Bollywood – they always release the OST before the movie comes out!) And I found something like this – “Hasn't it become all so predictable when one begins the review of any music coming from the house of Bhatts that has a Pritam and Emraan Hashmi association to it? So many times has a statement being made that 'Good music is pretty much on the cards when forces like Mukesh Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt, Pritam, Emraan Hashmi and lyricist Sayeed Quadri come together.'” (www.indiafm.com) After reading this, I was really really curious! We have music director groups like Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Jatin-Lalit. But I haven’t heard of anything like a “actor-music director” combination. (Maybe there have been some but I didn’t notice) Then I looked at the filmography of Emran Hashmi. Most of his films are produced by his uncles and some of them were hits, especially those w/ the music by Pritam. I’ve read some people saying that the success of Emran Hashmi has quite a lot to do with the good music. Good music adds to a movie but I didn’t expect there can be such a direct impact.

Then I listened to the songs in Emran’s movies on Youtube. Have to say they’re really quite good. (At least good enough to make me download them)It's not that easy for me to say a new song is good because I can't understand the lyrics and I haven't seen the movie. But all the songs below are good enough to make me listen to them listen to them again and again when I haven't seen any one of the movies.

Tum Mile
It should be quite an interesting film because part of it is about a flooding Mumbai, starring Emran (of course) and Soha Ali Khan.

With 2 of my all-time favourite songs and the very very lovely Sonal Chauhan

Razz – The Mystery Continues
The songs are really quite good!


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